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Smart Cylinders

As a global distributor of off-grid energy, cylinders are one of our most important assets, with more than 40 million cylinders delivered annually to our LPG customers. The cylinders move in our value chain from the filling plants, distribution centers, and retailers to end customers.

With a global reach, there are several opportunities not only to generate operational gains in this value chain, but also to improve the experience for our customers.

Improving cylinder management

On the operational side, improving cylinders management can lead to a more efficient distribution, better usage of the asset, reducing the need to purchase new cylinders. The challenge is how SHV Energy can monitor the 40 million cylinders to achieve new efficiency levels.

Supporting customers

We support our customers with the aim to guarantee that they will never run out of gas or be at such a low level that could impact or halt an essential task. If this is the case, they may need to wait until the next delivery to resume these activities. We are now looking for solutions that will monitor the LPG level, and send an automatic alert. We can then send a new cylinder ensuring there is continuous supply for the customer.

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