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Sustainable Fuels

SHV Energy is expanding its energy portfolio with biobased and renewable fuels. Our strategy for sustainable development over the next 20 years is to ensure that the source and supply of our clean, safe and efficient gas products becomes increasingly renewable, biobased and lower carbon.​

All fuels that are derived from non-fossil feedstock, including things like biomass, manure, waste, agricultural residues and renewable materials are called biobased and renewable fuels. The ones we are currently exploring are: bioLPG, bioLNG, rDME, hydrogen and future fuels, such as ammonia, methanol and novel e-fuels.​

We strongly believe that biobased and renewable fuels will play a central role in transitioning to a carbon neutral world, and a key decision for our development of a global portfolio of research and development projects.

To support our current innovation projects, we would like to welcome any organisations that are working on sustainable, high quality and safe biogas initiatives. This could include any area of novel bio-based transformation processes to produce bioLPG and other biogases from renewable sources of feedstock.

Are you working on technologies
that might have an impact on sustainable